Blubird Professional Massage Gun

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RM186.00 MYR
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6 Massage heads 

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Beat Fatigue And Feel Great With The Gemgun Massage Gun

Intensive Treatment To Relieve Pain And Fatigue

By rapidly hitting the muscle fibers with a gentle wave, we are able to loosen up the tight knots in the area and reduce muscle soreness from the very first use.

Blood Circulation And Relaxation Of The Body

Massage guns increase blood flow, which shuttles nutrients into the muscle while also removing blood that may have pooled in the muscles - bringing a feeling of relaxation, comfort.

Choose The Perfect Relaxing Gift To Pamper Your Family

Alleviate Aches & Pain

Post-Workout Recovery

Better Sleep & Improved Mood

Promotes Circulation

Muscle Activation & Recovery

Lightweight & Easy-To-Use

How Gemgun Massage Heads Work

U-Shape Head

Suitable for the muscles around the shoulders, neck, spinal, and Achilles massage helps relieve muscle stiffness and soreness.

Flat Head

Used for relaxing and shaping each muscle part, helps soothe sore muscles that cause discomfort in the body.

Taper Head

Used for deep tissue such as joint palm and plantar, helps reduce stiffness, improves flexibility & boosts blood flow.

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